DO you have a pest problem? Well here is some helpful information you might enjoy. I’m not talking bugs either. More like, Squirrel, raccoon or bats. Bat removal in the Chicago area is hard to come by, as is Squirrel removal Chicago are as well. Some of you may have the infestation that required Raccoon removal in the Chicago area. Well we are all about making sure these things are taken care of, but in a humane way. No poisons or traps, unless the traps don’t harm the animals. So you can start by heading to a local outdoor store, or pest control outlet, and finding cage traps. Cage traps will cage the animal but unlike a bear trap it won’t harm them. Try to avoid using rat poison or any other harmful chemical to rid the animals. Check with your local Humane Society, they may have better solutions. Keeping in mind that although they are annoying, scavenging creatures, they are still animals and we can go about things in a way as to not harm them but still get the result you are looking for. Do not get to close to the animals, alot of them carry infectious diseases or rabies. Wear skin covering clothing and gloves when near said animals, and please don’t try anything before you have consulted with an expert, as to keep the animal and your self out of danger. Your best bet will be a local Wildlife Conservative or the Humane Society when figuring out how to deal with the animals on your property. Also, advise any other occupants of your home, especially children, to steer clear of the animal so no one gets hurt. These animals are not pets, do not try to keep them or cage them unless to get them removed from your property. People often think they can domesticate animals. Although it is possible, the dangers in doing so are far too great. So, have care in how you deal with your pests. Wear skin covering clothing and gloves, Call the local Humane Society or Wildlife Conservative, and do not harm the animals.

Squirrel removal Chicago